About Our Book

About Our Book: Create the Body Your Soul Desires
One thing we know for sure is that sugar is a drug and the Standard American Diet is full of it. What that means is that people are unconsciously using sugar to cope with stress in their lives. So what happens when people do the 5-day Carb Cleanse? They start feeling the stress in their lives that their former diet numbed. We have witnessed time and time again that if people don’t address all areas of their lives, they will resort to their old sugar habits even after successfully completing the 5-day Carb Cleanse. That’s why we wrote the book. It supports people to address all areas of their life.

In the book we reclaim the true meaning of the word “diet” which actually comes from the Greek root meaning “a way of living.” This book helps people create a way of living that supports their new low-glycemic lifestyle.

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