Q: I heard Dr. Karen speak at the convention and she mentioned a free program. How do I access the free material? Please visit Free Resources. You don’t need to login or make any purchases to access the free materials. Enjoy!

Q: I am a USANA associate. How do I use your programs in my business? You can purchase any of our programs as tools to run your own 5-day Carb Cleanse group or provide these materials directly to your customers for extra support. We not only want to help every single person be successful on the 5-day Carb Cleanse, but we also want to help you build a thriving business.

Q: Can I share these programs with my customers?
YES!  That’s why we created them…to help you provide outstanding customer service and make you look good!

Q: Are any health supplements or products sold on this site? NO! Your customers will purchase their supplements/kits directly from you. We created the coaching sessions and written support materials for you to use as a tool in your business.

Q: Where do I register to access the program materials? Start at the Home page and purchase the program of your choice. Once you complete the payment you will be redirected back to our website to choose a username and password. If you are not redirected please send an email to Adeah Wetzel. NOTE: Prosperity Partners click here or GoRed click here.

Q: Can I use my business name as the username? Yes, you can choose any username you desire. If you will be sharing your login info with your customers then perhaps using your business name is the best choice.

Q: Where can I purchase a hard copy of Create the Body Your Soul Desires? When you purchase the Jumpstart+Maintain Program you will receive the e-book however you can purchase the hard copy by clicking here.